MedMedia, Medical educational video platform and doctors scoring

MedMedia provides educational courses over video for doctors and gets their reviews for in-person courses they took. It comes in Android & iOS application and has a management panel to curate educational courses

Key features

  • Course management with video files and scoring system for each course based on doctors field
  • Topic management for courses
  • Defining tests and exams for each course topic for scoring doctors progress
  • FTP sync for courses: getting files from FTP server and automatically adding FTP files for the course
  • Streaming courses videos over mobile apps
  • Implementing a purchase system for both subscription and single courses
  • SMS and push notification sending system based on user groups and for single selected users
  • Carts and shipping management system
  • Inventory system for materials used for shipped products(CD, Labels, …)
  • Dynamic review questions
  • Review stats and courses reviews dashboard
  • RESTful API for Android and iOS client

Used Technologies