Language Learning platform and learning management system

Language Learning platform development is one of my challenging experiences because as a UI/UX developer I should define different type of customers persona, from elementary school students to foreign language learners. This
language learning platform called Goldfish Second Language School designed and developed to provide an easy online way to learn a new language.

Goldfish SLS is a multi-language platform to educate users with foreign languages and it is built with PHP Zend framework. During my work(December 2014 – February 2016), as a UI/UX developer, I developed User Interface based on designs and by cooperating with the back-end team. Because of interacting with different customer personas, analyzing user behavior over the website and improving our user experience. We needed to deliver this experience quickly and keep the system updated based on what we learn from students behavior. Therefore, we had continuous deployment implemented with Git and we were an agile scrum team on Goldfish.

My role in developing language learning platform as a UI/UX developer

During my experience in Goldfish my role includes:

  • Multi-language learning platform user interface and user experience development
  • Goldfish UI framework development
  • Performance improvement and optimization over the website
  • Tracking and analyzing user behavior using analytics tools
  • Perform user experience tests
  • Collaborating with back-end team on providing necessary data for users

Above all, with the back-end team, mobile developers and system administrators, we all tried to bring customers the best learning platform. Another part of the project is about learning management system(LMS) where teachers are able to define courses and syllabuses. In each course, the teacher uses different types of questions. Therefore, teachers can help students learn a new language by practicing words and sentences over text, voice, and images.


This language learning platform uses courses in categories based on students level. Every course has lessons and each lesson has a set of questions. Teachers curated these sets of questions to help students learn a new language using audio, images, and text in an interactive way. After submitting every question, students can see the answer. In addition to the simple correct and incorrect answer, teachers can provide descriptions about grammar or for students.

For example, One of the designed questions type is text puzzle, where a user must complete a word or sentence by text or letter parts given to the user. Because of the effect of this type of word puzzle question on remembering word spelling teachers always use this type.

Another type of questions is choosing the right answer from choices. Because of learning purposes, we use a custom choice input with images. I designed two types of UI for this type of questions so we can test design clarity and readability.