Ehsan Gold, Gold & jewelry e-commerce system

Ehsan Gold developed as a gold and jewelry e-commerce system. This system enables customers to see gold and jewelry products in details. Also, customers can order products online and choose payment types. Customers are able to pay 20% of the price and pay the rest as COD. They can even pay in installments with cheques.

Key features

  • Gold and jewelry product management with dynamic pricing based on the gold price changes
  • Updating base gold price in the system based on world gold price changes regularly
  • Dynamic invoicing based on the gold price at the moment
  • Product quick add on invoicing
  • Multiple payments methods including payment with installments, cheques, cash on delivery and direct bank payment
  • Customers cheque and installments management
  • SMS notification system
  • Restful API developed for the Android client of the system

Used Technologies