Sakht Bazar, B2B system for construction businesses and products inquiry

This project was about creating a directory for businesses and products in the construction field. Also one of the important parts of this project was an inquiry system for products in which businesses and people can inquire about each other’s products in a B2B and B2C environment. This project is developed by the Laravel framework. We used Laravel features to build a multi-language platform for businesses, customers and other types of users like marketers. Also, we used Git to collaborate together in the development process and deploying the project in the test server and last working copy in the production server.

Key features

  • Implementing a multi-language platform for customers and administrators
  • Dynamic menu generation
  • Flexible and advanced permissions system based on users in different roles
  • Multiple panels and dashboards for administrators, supports, customers, and businesses
  • Advanced inquiry system on products with messaging between users
  • Product dynamic attribute definition in each category
  • Products edits and versions based on users submit
  • Price suggestion for products from businesses
  • Multi-language content edition and product attribute definition
  • Connecting with WordPress blog through API to fetch last posts
  • Restful API for Android and iOS clients

Used Technologies